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Wild Flour was founded by a nurse practitioner specialized in gluten-related disorders and autoimmune disease.  We produce living dough products that bake and taste just like wheat. We've set ourselves apart as the first gluten-free dough producer to offer 100% yeast-raised doughs for in-house baking, and the only one to offer an ageable pizza dough that holds up to the highest heat ovens. Wheat-free, clean label and nGMO ingredients to create doughs as flexible and delicious as any wheat dough.  Even chefs can't tell they're gluten free!



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Our Story


A Pizza Addict & Practitioner's Quest: I want my pizza back!

For founder and CEO Kim Desch, Wild Flour Bakery is a direct offshoot of her first career as a nurse practitioner. In 2006, her California practice focused on autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivity. This was before 'gluten-free' was the buzzword it is now. Eating out, especially when it came to pizza, was difficult at best for her gluten-free patients, often resulting in poor patient compliance. When she too was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, she became keenly aware of how difficult it really was for her patients. Suddenly, pizza was off the table. Like her patients, she was faced with choosing health or pizza (it was a close call!). There had to be a solution that didn't involve nasty, cracker-like, flavorless and weird-textured  pizza crusts! There had to be a way to be both gluten-free and a confirmed pizza addict...game on!

So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Let's face it, pizza is a necessity! So when Kim's family moved to Boulder County, Colorado in 2011, it was time to find that solution. By then she was completely obsessed with reinventing the perfect pizza crust sans gluten, and she was in just the right environment! You do know that Boulder is the capital of the gluten-free world, right? Finally, all of that science and biology background paid off - this time in the kitchen.  But a one-size-fits-all approach to food was about as useless as it is in medicine, and the market trend toward fast casual custom pizza was taking off. Almost as soon as the first pre-bake crusts were sold, the requests poured in for a dough ball.  Chefs wanted their creative license back!  Of course pizza, but calzones, stromboli, focaccia, breadsticks, garlic knots...why not have it all?  

Melodrama aside, Wild Flour Bakery had sprouted. Wild Flour sells the industry's only purely yeast-raised, artisan, gluten-free pizza dough ball and sandwich roll portions that bake and taste just like wheat. The only thing missing is the gluten!  Pizza...real pizza...can once again be enjoyed in all of its varieties; thick, thin, pan, New York, Napoletana...the varieties are limited only, as it should be, by the creativity of the chef.  And recently, we introduced the industry's first proof-and-bake sandwich rolls and hamburger buns. Better yet, these ones won't fall apart when stuffed with juicy veggies, grilled meats and savory sauces!

So that's it. Girl meets pizza and falls in love. Girl loses pizza. Girl gets pizza back. But being the greedy little girl she was, she also got back bread sticks, sandwich bread, burger buns, cinnamon rolls and cookies! Life is good, oh yeah...the gluten free life is good!