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Why Offer Only the Best Gluten Free Solutions?

One-third of the population is ordering gluten-free.

Those with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance and others interested in healthier eating mean that 30-33% of your diners are choosing gluten free options.  Vegetarians comprise another 28%.  If a third of your diners are looking for gluten free options, doesn't it make sense to have more than a single GF solution on your menu?  And isn't it a better representation of your brand to offer GF foods that offer the same quality dining experience?

Gluten-free eaters drive dining decisons.

In addition to being 1/3 of the dining population, gluten-free consumers don't dine alone, they bring with them their gluten-loving companions.  And, they are the decision-makers in dining groups; not based on where they can eat safely, but on which restaurants offer them choices, quality and a good dining experience for the premium up-charge.

Gluten-free diners offer 92% loyalty for a GOOD dining experience and elevate your bottom line.

Gluten free diners are tired of paying a premium price for a mediocre product.  And when they find something special they communicate, they bring their family and friends and they return...again and again.  Customer loyalty and spreading the word of your restaurant pays.

Bottom line: Gluten Free Pays Off

Consider gluten-free diners as high-value customers.  They come into your restaurant expecting to pay more for gluten-free options.  But paying more for a mediocre, no-options bread substitute doesn't tap into their loyalty potential.  Nor does it represent YOUR brand, YOUR quality.  A Wild Flour dough lets you offer nearly all of your wheat dough-based menu items as gluten free, without sacrificing taste, texture or quality.  Our customers routinely increase overall sales across the board.