Why Offer Only the Best Gluten Free Solutions?

One-third of the population is gluten-free.

As awareness of Celiac disease and interest in healthy eating rise among consumers, the share of diners that eat gluten-free has grown substantially and will continue to become an increasingly vital portion of the marketplace.

Gluten-free eaters drive dining decisons.

In addition to being 1/3 of the dining population, gluten-free consumers don't dine alone. They share the same dining trends as the general population, but they are the decision-makers in families and groups.

Gluten-free diners are loyal—and can increase your bottom line.

Because they are still a slight minority in the market, gluten-free diners are always on the lookout for restaurants that will cater to their needs. They offer a 92 percent loyalty rating for good GF dining experiences, and they use social media far more extensively than the average consumer.

Bottom line: Gluten Free Pays Off

Ultimately, gluten-free diners are high-value customers.  They expect to pay more for gluten-free options... but they're also now expecting better quality and more choices in return.  Your GF diners wants options in every menu category; from appetizers to desserts, not just 1 or 2 entree choices. The pay off - highly loyal customers that are more than happy to sing your praises.  It's a win-win!