2017 and 2018 FABI Award winner, National Restaurant Association Show

Longmont, CO 80503, US
Wild Flour Bakery

Raise Your Expectations!


Pizza Doughs

  • Traditional, Hand-Tossed
  • Detroit/Pan Style
  • Focaccia & Table Breads

The only GF dough in the industry formulated for the highest heat ovens!

From fresh to sourdough, Neapolitan to Sicilian, our doughs do it all. 

FABI Award winner 2017

World Pizza Triathlon winner 2015

Available as 

10oz  or  8oz  dough balls

Call for pricing and volume discounts


Custom dough ball sizes available

Cookie Doughs

cookie dough variety of flavors custom options

  • Dark Chocolate Chip
  • Holiday Spice
  • Meyer Lemon Creme
  • Plain Jane (no add-ins)

Create gluten free bars, cookies, biscotti, or use as a delicious dessert crust.  FABI Award winner 2018.

Available as dough pucks or chubs

Call for pricing and volume discounts


Bread Doughs

gluten free Stromboli, focaccia, sticks, knots, rolls

  • Tuscan Herb Sandwich & Roll Dough
  • Wraps & Table Breads
  • Biscuits
  • Sweet Rolls or Savory Buns

FABI Award winner 2017.

Available as dough balls or bulk chubs.

Call for pricing and volume discounts


Mmm... Like what you see so far?

We LOVE coming out and playing in your kitchen!  Grab your culinary team - let's through some of our amazing dough in your ovens make some magic!

  Wood-fired, coal, conveyor, rotating deck...our doughs love them all!

Detroit & Roman Style Pizza Doughs

Light and tender crumb, perfectly crisp crust.  Ideal for this Detroit style pie, bread sticks, knots or Stromboli.

Custom Solutions

Not finding what you're looking for? We'd be happy to work with you to create something that meets the needs of you, your chefs and your customers! Let's spread the gluten-free love.